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How Does Our Program Work?

Ethernet is altering the very makeup of how establishments communicate with each other and the fashion in which they access the outside environment via the Web. It is fresh, and it's here to remain - including PR Ethernet - the only question is availability. To be able to deliver carrier-grade Ethernet service, commercial voice and data businesses have to steer clear of using archaic TDM access technology and link to their customers directly over fiber.

Is there a service provider who has fiber in your structure? Is there a carrier who is close enough to your structure to cost-justify the fabrication required to put together in to it? Welcome to PR Ethernet, where we focus on doing this fact-finding for you. As your trusted agent, we will certainly offer you all of your solutions featuring speeds, cost, build-out fees, and essential information relating to PR Ethernet. We make use of cutting edge XML feeds from over 31 carriers that inform us the accessibility and cost of Ethernet service in your area in addition to speaking directly with Sales Engineers who work at these particular providers. Our consulting assistance is swift, uncomplicated, and will not cost you any sort of financial resources if you endorse the carrier agreement with us!

What Happens Next?

To start the procedure of obtaining your free, no-obligation Ethernet cost estimate, enter the physical whereabouts of your business building in to our GeoQuote form shown here on the right. Prior to we supply you a multi-carrier Ethernet estimate, you'll have the capacity to show to us how you prefer to be spoken to, if at all. The info you submit to us to will definitely always remain private and private - we promise that no carriers will ever telephone you directly. For our part, we will assign an in-house, authorized Ethernet broadband specialist to make use of (or not use) at your exclusive digression. We encourage you to take advantage of your expert as called for because he/she will definitely have the chance to access exclusive savings and fiber-build promotions that we aren't allowed to feature on our web page - containing PR Ethernet.

How Much Will You Save?

Merely having a service provider with fiber in your building is the first step to securing a superb rate on your high-capacity broadband Ethernet service. In many situations, our consumers options are constricted. In others, there are up to 5 carriers in the running who have fiber put together into the establishment. Regardless of what your situation could be, we will discover all of your options in less than 5 business days. Once we find the carrier and help you arrange the best usage strategy, we'll provide a carrier signature-ready agreement to you to acknowledge. By turning in your signatured commitment to the service provider with us, we'll also be able to get set up updates to ensure we can easily ensure you're being handled like the Excellent client you are, and if anything misbehaves, we'll be right there to guarantee difficulties fixed on your behalf.

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